The "Spanish Roubaix"

A Sportive with sterrato. Also Retro bikes and Tweed cycling meetup in Medina de Rioseco (Valladolid, Spain) on 18th & 19th July. #gpcanaldecastilla

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Canal de Castilla en bici
Author:Carmelo Ortega

The start of the Sportive is located in the quaint town of  Medina de Rioseco in the province of Valladolid on Saturday 18 July 2015 at 8am, following a circular route to end up back in Medina de Rioseco after cycling 165km through the provinces of Valladolid and Palencia.

Sportive GP Canal de Castilla
Author:Carmelo Ortega

GP Canal de Castilla 2015 will attempt to recreate the ambience of the yesteryears of cycling by: 

  • Using unpaved roads, 50km in total, divided into 10 separate stretches.
  • Compulsory control points at the refreshment stops, where, like the races at the beginning of the 20th century, the participants MUST have their CANAL PASSPORT stamped to continue on their way.
Canal de Castilla
Author: Canal Passport
  • Good sportsmanship and a ‘lend-a-friend-a-hand’ attitude is a must, given that in the unpaved areas there is no roadside assistance for cyclists (apart from the broom wagon). Please note that medical assistance in the event of an accident is provided along the entire route.
Helping in GP Canal de Castilla
  • There will be NO chips or classifications issued, which makes the GPCC a 100% friendly race.

Despite not having hard climbs the GP Canal de Castilla is a test of stamina, due to the kilometres on unpaved sections and many uphill sections. All this, together with average speed controls of 20km/hr, means that to successfully attempt our race one needs to be in very good physical shape and have followed specific training prior to the day.

Click on the following link to see the detailed route:

The route profile is as follows (double click to enlarge image):

GP Canal de Castilla profile
 Author: Carmelo Ortega.The roads are marked in grey 
The  colour code in the profile of the UNPAVED SECTIONS is as follows:

  • YELLOW: Towpaths (unpaved roads running parallel to the Canal de Castilla). In the 2015 edition there will be three towpaths totalling 33.7km.
 BROWN: Strade bianchi (agricultural lanes). In 2015 there will be seven stretches of sterrato totalling 16.8km.

Sterrato Spanish Roubaix
Author: Carmelo Ortega. Typical view of strade bianche included in the GPCC

Take a closer look at the types of surface of the special sections and the hill profile in the following link:

Unpaved sections and hills in the GPCC 2015

The race will have four refreshment stops (two with food and two liquid refreshments), where it will be compulsory to have the “Canal Passport” stamped.

Dueñas GP Canal de Castilla
Roadside assistance will be provided at the refreshment stops and from the broom wagon.

The 50km of unpaved terrain have been marked out in the profile. To be able to successfully manage these it is important to bear in mind the following advice for bikes and materials.

Registration for 400 cyclists 

The cost is 41 euros and includes two liquid refreshments and two liquid and food stops, final meal, goody bag, medical and mechanical services and changing and shower facilities. Also Insurance from the Spanish cycling federation  which is compulsory if you are coming from abroad and/or do not hold an annual Spanish cycling federation licence.



Come and join us!

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