The "Spanish Roubaix"

A Sportive with sterrato. Also Retro bikes and Tweed cycling meetup in Medina de Rioseco (Valladolid, Spain) on 18th & 19th July. #gpcanaldecastilla

miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2014


If the Retro GPCC is the smaller sister event of the GPCC, the Tweed cycling meetup, which is into its fourth edition this year, is the baby of the family of our plan for Sunday 19 July 2015.

Retrobikes in Medina de Rioseco
Author: Fernando Fradejas
It will start at 11am and is reserved for Tweed cyclists, who:

1) Use bicycles made prior to 1987: racing bikes, tandems, sit-up-and-beg-bikes, trade bicycles (postman, forest ranger...), motorettes, retro bmx, velosolex, penny farthings, old tricycles...
2) Do not use Mountain Bikes (MTB).

Retrobikes meetup
Author: Fernando Fradejas

3) Who dress in a tweed style, elegantly or dress to match their bicycle (classic maillot if it is a road bike, as a postman or miner or labourer with a matching trade bicycle, or as a child if bringing a motorette or retro bmx for example).

Vintage cyclist in Medina de Rioseco
Author: Fernando Fradejas
No cyclist will be able to participate if they do not comply with the specified requirements. We would like to point out that we will be very strict with the compliance of these rules for the benefit of the essence and style of the event, apart from exceptions which have been previously justified before confirmation of the registration.

Medina de Rioseco will be the focal point of our meetup, which will consist of a ride through the streets of the beautiful city, home to the Admirals in the past, and after many a photo the participants will have a couple of drinks in the most emblematic bars in the town.

Tweed cycling in high street
Author: Fernando Fradejas
Registration will open in June. 

Registration will be free, although if you would like a participant bag and to join us for lunch in a nearby restaurant there is a small fee of 16 euros.

Author: Carmelo Ortega

The cost is 16 euros and includes two refreshment stops, final meal, goody bag, insurance and changing and shower facilities. 


Come and join us!

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